Ceramic Artist: Kathy Huckleberry

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Schack Art Center Holiday Show and Gift Shop

Ballenger Glass Art Studio Holiday Show (see information below)

Showing with a variety of artists working in multiple media!

Kathy lives on Samish Island in Skagit County Washington with her husband Mike. Kathy is an emerging artist who is now finding time to pursue her artistic interests after scaling back from a full-time career as a Database Specialist.

The natural beauty of the islands, rural life style, and wildlife are inspirations for Kathy's ceramic vision. Kathy combines  a life-long love of nature with the arts, especially ceramics and glass. She is passionate about translating the essence of these natural scenes into a style uniquely her own.  Her pieces are influenced by the 19th and 20th century artists who distilled compositions into simpler shapes and colors, focusing on key elements to create a harmonious image. Her pieces combine hand made tile with applied three dimensional sculptural elements to convey depth and visual interest.

Incorporated into her work are custom mixed glazes and fused glass which further add to their dimensionality.

Kathy is active in the Skagit County arts community.     She helps to organize the twice yearly Samish Island Arts Festivals and is the communications contact for Skagit Artists Together (SAT) and Secretary / Web Master for Cascade Clay Artists (CCA).

If you are interested in a custom project or a completed work, please contact Kathy at: