Photo Gallery - Wall Art

A fun side trip into the Phantom theme - life size ceramic masks, wall mounted, 2013

"Bride and Phantom"

"Bride" selected as poster art for the
 "2013 April Fools Masked Ball Dinner and Auction"

Supporting the Skagit Symphony and
Skagit Artists Together

"Bride and Phantom"  SOLD at auction

Tulips on Farmhouse Sill
35"H x 20"W
completed 2012

Winner of a Tri-Dee Arts award at the "Art in a Pickle Barn" April 2012 show, this piece was created to celebrate the spring tulip festival in Skagit County, WA.  Self-framed piece, the tiles create an "window" onto the tulip fields in full bloom.    This piece will be showing at the Allied Arts show with CCA, March 2013.

Raku Salmon, 2011 (SOLD)
42"W x 19"H

A new interpretation of the Northwest Sockeye Salmon annual migration, done in a rainbow of iridescent colors.  Currently showing at the Skagit County Historical Museum, La Conner, WA for the "Paint Me a River, Too" show, September 23 through December 31, 2011.

This piece was completed as part of the annual "Burn Party" with Cascade Clay Artists on Camano Island, WA.  Individual salmon and pebble clusters were fired in the raku process, then attached to a hand-formed electric kiln fired tile background.

Marsh Heron, 2011
21"W x 34"H

This piece is an intimate view of a Heron in marshland, mingled in the cattails of a typical Northwest wetland. 

The cattail leaves are detailed with mutli-hued green fused glass, giving them a depth and sparkle that reflects the rain-washed environment of the northwest marsh.  The heron is more life-like than earlier herons in the series of herons that are pictured here.
The work is constructed of background tiles infused with recycled glass and custom glazes, then overlaid with sculptural layers.  Each piece is individually formed, underglazed, and fired. 

See the "Artist Process" tab on this Website to see the piece In each stage of its creation.

This piece will be showing at the Allied Arts show with CCA in Bellingham 3/1/13 through 3/25/13.

Up Stream III, 2010

31"W x 19"H

A single panel of Northwest Sockeye Salmon annual migration as part of the series "Up Stream" continues the study of native sockeye and the stream environment.  Swirls of water, rocky stream bed, and pools of deeper color combine to create another teaming view of the migration scene. 

Constructed in much the same way as others of this series, the fused glass and high relief give the feeling of movement and depth.  

Chosen for the Whatcom Art Guild award at the
2011 "Art in a Pickel Barn" show
from Skagit Art Association


Migration II, 2010

34"W x 24"H

This work is a dynamic, colorful representation of the Northwest Sockeye Salmon annual migration. 

Individually shaped, relief tiles form the rushing stream and rock formations of the stream bed.  Fused glass compliments the custom glazes giving the piece depth and translucency. 

The salmon are three-dimensional, individually sculpted forms.

This piece will be showing at the Allied Arts show with CCA in Bellingham 3/1/13 through 3/25/13.


The Chase, 2007

36" W x 24" H

The background tiles self-frame this work and are set behind the two raised panels.  The overall dimensionality of the piece is enhanced by applied "eel grass" and a school of "raku" fired fish.  Multiple sea creatures inhabit this undersea world.


Heron in Blue, 2009

29"H x 24"W

"Heron in Blue" simplifies the background into abstract forms and colors, giving the image a very "folkart" feel.  Recycled glass in the pool of water enhances the depth of the piece.

Currently showing at the "Heron Inn" on Maple in La Conner, Wasington.
One of two smaller blue heron works, set in the NW marsh landscape.

Great Blue, 2008
16" W x 21" H


 A highly stylized great blue heron is the centerpiece of this work, titled

Skagit Heron, 2008
16" W x 21" H

with Mt. Baker and Skagit County hills in the background.

The piece is meant to hang on a wall, like a painting.  However, it also has three dimensional qualities which give it a sculptural quality.

Currently showing at How It Works, Anacortes, Washington

Stalking Heron, 2008

23" W x 29" H

This early work incorporates recycled glass fused to the custom ceramic glazes.  The heron is assembled from pieces cut from a thrown vase, giving the bird a rounded, full body feel.  The signature dragonfly flits among the cattails in this abstract wetland scene.

Another undersea scene with multiple layers of background, frame, and sculptural elements gives the view the distinct impression of being below the surface of Puget Sound, titled:

Under Sea Encounter, 2008

21" W x 23" H

Completed in 2008, this piece is another exploration of the fluidity of glazes, tile shapes, and fused glass.

Samish Tulips awarded
at 2011 "Art in a Pickle Barn"
from Skagit Art Association

 Samish Tulips, 2009

22" W x 27" H

This piece represents the first commercial tulip grower in Skagit County, located on Samish Island - Mary Stewart and her family started growing tulips in 1906, later moving to the Skagit Flats and opening a mail order bulb company.
Detail above - individually formed tulips, dragonfly, and greenery highlight the detail of the tulip growing scene.

Sea Nettles, 2009

22"W x 22"H

The Sea Nettles scene was inspired by the Monterey Bay, CA aquarium exhibit on jellyfish, several years ago. The image of the huge blue salt water tank filled with brilliant orange “sea nettle” jellyfish has stayed with me for years. The tiles of this delicate piece are formed in relief. Complimentary colors create a brilliant scene with orange glaze filled in with recycled orange glass. The various blues in the background tiles are also enhanced with recycled glass. The tiles were bisque fired to Cone 05 (1888 degrees F), and the glaze firing was to Cone 6 (2232 degrees F).

Winner of the 2012 First Place Nautical Award from Pacific Marine Gallery, Bellingham, WA, juried at the "Art in a Pickle Barn" show in Mt. Vernon, WA.

Migration III, 2009

34" W x 24" H

This triptych of salmon migrating up a small waterfall climbs the wall with the moving water and swimming fish.  The colors are vivid and the salmon seem to move with the current.  Pool s of recycled glass fuse into the ceramic glazes, creating the illusion of pools of deeper water in the stream bed. 

Up Stream II, 2010

23" W x 16" H

This single panel of migrating salmon seems to capture the swirl of the fast current and the frantic swimming of the salmon to reach their goal - to spawn.  Colorful and vibrant, though a smaller piece, it depicts the same northwest natural rhythms as the larger migration pieces.