Photo Gallery - Totems

Totems are a recent expression of my ceramic art.  Here are several images of totems.

Examples of totems that were shown in the 2013 Skagit Artists Together Studio Tour and at the Schack Art Center in Everett, summer 2013 Garden Show.  The larger totems are about 7' tall, with up to 30 individual pieces. 

I call these "vertical slices of nature".  They start at the ground or on the rocks of a "stream", and give life to each layer as they move upward through water, air, and to the sun or moon in the sky.

For the summer 2014 Studio Tour, I plan to have a table where you can "make your own totem" from a selection of ceramic pieces.  Come try them out!


The Koi Pond Totem is a verticle slice of nature; from the rocky pond bottom to the sky overhead. The world of the Koi Pond is encapsulated in the elements of the totem, from earth, to water and sky, by day and by night. Koi swim while dragonflies flit above the water lillies floating on the surface of the pond.

Koi Pond Totem was completed in 2013, and is one of a series of totems in progress by the artist. The underlying structure is a cast iron base for balance and weight, with a solid threaded steel rod supporting the individual pieces making up the story of the koi pond.